The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve.

通过其长期规划过程, NAPFA identified encouraging and promoting inclusivity in the field as a strategic imperative for the association. 这导致了多样性的产生 & Inclusion Initiative and the formation of a steering committee to steward any associated activities.



创造和革新一种多元化的文化, 股本, 并将其纳入理财规划行业.


Our mission is to be a beacon for DEI within the financial planning profession by building and strengthening relationships between industry professionals and the diverse 人口s.



NAPFA has a committee dedicated to fulfilling the mission and vision of the Diversity, 股本, 及共融倡议. 有关委员会的更多资料,请浏览网页 这个页面. 审查DEI委员会志愿者指南 在这里.

NAPFA DEI培训和证书课程

NAPFA 一些培训 and Certificate program aims to provide NAPFA members and other financial advisors resources and education around four specific DEI topics—culture, 招聘实践, 人, 和包容. 了解更多有关该计划的信息 在这里.

祝贺所有完成课程的同学! 查看个人列表 在这里.


The DEI initiative now sponsors several merit-based Diversity Scholarships for both NAPFA members and non-members to:

  • 参加NAPFA全国会议(每年举行两次,春季和秋季);
  • 参加CFP考试或参加CFP复习课程

有关奖学金计划的更多信息,请访问 这个页面.

NAPFA DEI倡议Facebook小组

This group is a virtual community dedicated to cultivating DEI within the financial planning profession. 如果你想成为我们的一员,成为我们对话的一部分,请 访问这里的小组.



The goal of the 一些倡议 辅导计划 is to provide underrepresented members in NAPFA a structured opportunity to advance in their careers with the help of a mentor/mentee relationship.


  • To create a welcoming environment for NAPFA members from under-represented 人口s to foster professional relationships
  • To maintain a supportive space w在这里 NAPFA members can share challenges and strategies to address those obstacles within a mentoring framework
  • To help NAPFA members improve the financial planning profession through our community while embracing our differences throughout the process
  • 基于最终使我们更强大的差异将成员365bet线上盘口app官网起来, 创造一个更具包容性和多样性的职业
  • 授权和鼓励NAPFA成员追求卓越


NAPFA DEI培训和证书课程

NAPFA 一些培训 and Certificate program aims to provide NAPFA members and other financial advisors resources and education around four specific DEI topics—culture, 招聘实践, 人, 和包容.

This program was designed by financial advisors for financial advisors and was created so that participants could have a deeper understanding of how they can contribute to growing diversity, 股本, 以及融入理财规划行业.



NAPFA DE&I committee is excited to present recipes and meal ideas to celebrate various cultures and faiths. The goal of this project is to encourage and promote inclusivity within the industry, and to highlight the unique and diverse backgrounds of current and future financial planning clients we wish to serve. The recipes are not only delicious but they serve to educate about the traditions and origins of diverse celebrations and observances in the U.S. 在世界各地. 关注NAPFA获取每周更新.




该倡议编制了《bet5365首页手机版下载》 & 包含工具包, a resource meant to help NAPFA members and their firms make meaningful change in the DEI space. While conversations and education around DEI is a crucial step to improving understanding, 很明显,如果不采取行动, 真正的进步是无法实现的. This toolkit has both a written guide and a series of videos designed to help NAPFA members take action and access resources. 要了解更多信息并访问书面指南和视频组件, 访问此页面.

Many organizations continue to do the important work of diversifying the financial planning profession and making it a more inclusive community for everyone. NAPFA encourages you to explore some of the programs and resources that other groups are doing.


随着消费者对理财建议需求的增长, it is imperative that the financial planning profession work toward expanding and diversifying the ranks of financial planning professionals who can meet the needs of increasingly diverse consumers. 然而,根据向CFP委员会提供的自我报告数据,少于3.占全部82人的5%,在美国,CFP®专业人士中有000人是黑人或拉丁裔, which is significantly less than the representation of Blacks and Latinos in the U.S. 人口.

解决这一挑战及其根源, the CFP Board 财务规划中心 commissioned a comprehensive research study in 2017 to identify the barriers to racial and ethnic diversity in the financial planning profession. 回顾一下这项研究 点击这里.

The CFP Board 财务规划中心 encourages firm leaders and CFP® professionals to read Financial Planning Career Paths: Building More Sustainable and Successful Businesses 并在你的网络中分享. The guide is designed to help employers attract and develop talented professionals while giving financial planners a roadmap for navigating their own financial planning careers. Establishing and communicating clear career paths is crucial to helping today’s professionals achieve their full potential and to attracting the next generation of talent our profession needs. 在此下载指南.


The 非裔美国顾问协会 (AAAA) vision is to be the leading organization for African American financial advisors by promoting meaningful networks among peers, 赞助商及附属专业人士. 坚持学习, 业务发展, 外展, 和支持, our members are empowered to advance themselves and the financial planning profession. 欲了解更多,请 点击这里.


BestColleges has created a comprehensive resource guide on financial literacy for Black students. 该指南提供有关预算的信息, 储蓄, 和投资, as well as resources for scholarships and grants specifically for Black students. BestCollege believes that this information is crucial for empowering Black and African American students to take control of their financial futures. 了解更多